Bashir Dawood: Helping At-Risk Youths Discover their True Potential

There is more to life than basic necessities like food, education, water and healthcare. Entertainment and leisure are also essential for all individuals today. Sadly, grand events and leisurely activities like watching the Formula 1 Races live are not accessible to all – especially at-risk teens who have a keen interest in auto racing but do not have the means to watch it live. Instead, they are restricted to their television screens.

Bashir Dawood has been participating in charitable projects for years. Recently, he collaborated with the YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre to reach out to young people in Singapore who have been marginalised from schools. The educational programmes help them unlock hidden talents and discover their truest potentials to help reintegrate them into society.

Bashir Dawood generously facilitated a 15-youth group activity that enabled them to experience the excitement of watching the F1 Race Live! The lucky group was also attended an enchanting magic show and were treated to a banquet of sumptuous food at the Singapore Club Suite afterwards.

Bashir Dawood believes Formula 1 Races are a mighty representation of the power of knowledge, wielded for the greater good of the society. In particular, Bashir contends that F1 unites some of the brightest, most innovative individuals from a range of industries to work toward a shared end-goal.

Inspiring the Youth

Bashir Dawood has bigger dreams for the youth. They hope to inspire the youth to make a name for themselves and find their place in society.

The youth are the foundation for a smarter, safer and more developed world. They believe that the youth should be given the opportunity to innovate and expand their creativity. Bashir Dawood advocates for the youth to be given the opportunity to discover their capabilities and potential.

The Dawood family is on a mission to help and inspire the youth of today.

“(We) seek to inspire someone to become the next F1 World Champion, John Cooper, or Elon Musk… Together, we are able to break records, surpass boundaries and redefine limits.” – Bashir Dawood